Recently, I was asked by an interested customer, how my prices compare. So, I thought I’d make a little post just showing the price comparison between my work and the work of other terrarium makers.

The terrarium on the left is one I saw downtown in Soho one day. Very pretty, and it was about 5″ tall and 7″ long. The price tag was $500. The terrarium on the right is one of my terrariums. It stands about 18″ tall, and has a width of about 10″, a tiny tree, 2 kinds of moss, a creeping plant, a sculpture, and a light. It currently retails for $375 in my Etsy Shop.

Soho on the left, GALA on the right.

The next set of pictures  show a very nice terrarium I saw at the store at the Museum of Art & Design, and is a terrarium made by one of the artists in the show they had last year, called “Other Worlds”. It was a WONDERFUL show, and I hope to write up some of my views of it at some point. I have the book, fantastic work.

This particular terrarium was priced at about $500. The sphere container is stunning. It stood about 15″ high on it’s base – the stand being about a third of that height. It contains a number of different mosses, and architecture figurines.

The image on the right of the page is a terrarium from my First Contact Series. It stands about 18″ high, 12″ of which is the terrarium chamber itself. It is populated with about 4 different plant species (I’ve added more since this photo was taken), several hand painted figurines, stones, and it’s own light source. It’s available for $450.

The shop at the Museum of Art & Design, and GALA.

The pieces with their own light source are the most expensive I have, currently. My work tends to fall in the range between $25 to about $150. For example, Rivers of Pearl (First Contact Series) is $125 for both jars, and I have some new pieces in 5″ glass spheres, that I’m about to debut that run about $35.

None of these prices include delivery of course. If you are local to me, I’m more than happy to drop off work, or arrange for it to be picked up by you, at little to no cost. Shipping costs are sadly out of my hands. The two comissions I did over Christmas cost about $50 each – one went overnight, and one went 2 day. I don’t want to ship anything ground for fear of killing off the plants – though I think I could ship a moss-only project by ground and it would probably be less then.

So, that’s my comparison. I hope you’ll sign up for the next workshop – it’s a great deal! You get to make 4 small terrariums for $40 – that’s $10 per terrarium!